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Zappobz decor at Golden Globes After Party
Golden Globes After Party
uses Zappobz Decor Products.

Corporate Event CEO Speaker Table. Decor items by Zappobz.
Corporate Banquet Room
with CEO Speaker Table

Fire and Ice Event. Decor by Zappobz.
Fire and Ice Theme
Create Dramatic Color Themes

Do you Plan Corporate Events or Banquets?
Are you an Award Event Manager?
Do You Organize Special Event Meetings?

Zappobz decor makes a stunning event.

Social Party Events
Zappobz offers simple to elegant items for any size gatherings. Hanging beads can define spaces creating a visualy stunning environment.

Corporate Events
Company image is important to your client. Zappobz event products are perfect for large event rooms and banquets. Designers can use and re-use cloth and beaded long curtains to create floor to ceiling glamour and elegance. Other Zappobz event products, carefully placed, provide professional highlights and accents sure to impress any business event.

Private Event Celebrations
Zappobz original decorator items are designed to work with any lighting or color theme. The mix of glass-like beaded strands, sheer curtains, and streams of LED lights provide the perfect decorator palette of business event choices.

Top Reasons To Choose Zappobz

1. Zappobz products are to install easily.

2. Zappobz can often customize sizes.

3. Always true wholesale prices and fast shipping.

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