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Zappobz 3-Tier Chandelier curtain
Beaded Branch Buoquet

Zappobz hanging glass
Hanging Glass

Zappobz 3-Tier Chandelier curtain
Acrylic Candle Chandelier

Top 3 Film Prop Requests

Zappobz supplies set design pieces and props for film and stage production. We encourage studios and film makers to contact us directly. Together with you or your set designer we can explore possible items and looks we can provide.

Beaded Branch Bouquet branches are highly adaptive to designer set needs. Multi color choices add subtle light textures to draw attention or to fill an area. THey are easy to rearrange or modify size on the fly and as needed. They are durable and very low cost budget friendly item.

Hanging Glass can create many different looks from upscale modern to futuristic or even alien. Zappbz offers numerous designs to choose from. Each is lightweight and easy to attach to almost any structure. Length can be varied or adapted to fit short or longer multi floor heights.

Acrylic Candle Chandeliers instantly create a dramatic look. Capture the look of expensive crystal with budget-friendly acrylic ornaments that are non-breakable and lightweight. On set modifications are often simple to perform. Zappobz offers dozens of designs and sizes of candle and other decorative chandeliers. You choose the width and height.

Did you know? Zappobz carries hard-to-find decorator supplies like bulk rolls of acrylic, metallic and mirrored bead strings. We also have practical supplies for lighting and table top stands that can turn almost any of our chandeliers into dramatic 2' to 3' centerpiece.

Top Reasons To Choose Zappobz

1. Zappobz products are sturdy and often easy to modify.

2. Zappobz has low wholesale prices and fast shipping.

3. Zappobz can often customize sizes and item requests.

For more information call to discuss options we can provide. Make an appointment to visit our Los Angeles showroom and warehouse convenient to most major studios.


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