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Zappobz 3-Tier Chandelier curtain
Dragon Night Light

Zappobz beaded curtain
Beaded Doorway Curtains

Zappobz 3-Tier Chandelier curtain
3 Tier Chandelier

Top 3 Selling Categories

We frequently ask Retail Owners to tell us which Zappobz products give them the quickest and easiest sales results. Shop keepers report they experience best and most reliable sales using three types of Zappobz products.

Decorator Night Lights are perfect for POS eye-catching and low cost impulse purchases. Customers most frequently comment on the unusual designs. When asked, shoppers tell us that Zappobz night light prices are lower than expected. Please see showroom for newest designs.

Doorway Beaded Curtains are affordable and fast moving inventory items. Beaded doorway curtains come in many designs. Doorway curtains attract shoppers in window displays and shelf displays.

Zappobz beaded curtains are popular with home owners and condo or apartment dwellers for a quick and easy decorating look.

Zappobz Chandeliers are our number one selling category. Zappobz chandeliers can often deliver largest profit margins. They come in a wide range of sizes, prices and designs. We encourage you to browse the many available configurations.

Top 3 Reasons To Use Zappobz

1. Zappobz offers original designs your customers won't find at competitor or chain stores.

2. Zappobz has low minimums and fast shipping.

3. Zappobz has hundreds of products and is always updating and adding new inventory choices.


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