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Top Wedding Decorator Items

wedding bridal path decor
Wedding Runner Decor HLL1418/10-CRY
Image by Christine Noble Photography

wedding table chandelier
Wedding Table Ceiling Chandelier

decorated wedding reception room
Zappobz Decorated Wedding Reception
Image by Domino Arts Photography

- Do You Professionally Plan Wedding Events?
- Do You Organize Wedding Receptions?
- Is Your Job Decorating Outdoor Weddings?

Zappobz offers you and your client versatile and sturdy decorating items with an original and unique look. Zappobz decor products are low cost and easy solution to decorating the perfect wedding day.

Wedding Runner Path Decor
Top photo shows bridal procession path adorned with classic shepherd hook stands holding sparkling crystal-style runner pieces. Self-supporting design makes placement fast and easy. Wedding Planners use this technique to create stunning and memorable wedding day visual accents. Available to wholesale buyers in the Zappobz Showroom Chandelier Section.

Ceiling Chandelier
Photo shows our catalog item HLL1418/1024-CRY hanging above this wedding table. This eye-catching Zappobz original designer piece can be used to highlight and match both classic and contemporary style wedding dinners.

Wedding Reception Room
Zappobz offers budget-friendly ways to decorate a wedding reception room. Bottom photo shows a luxurious visual mix of Zappobz products arranged to create a professional wedding designer look and romantic wedding mood.

Top Reasons To Choose Zappobz

1. Zappobz products are sturdy and adapt easily.

2. Zappobz has low minimum purchase requirements.

2. Zappobz has true wholesale prices and fast shipping.

3. Zappobz can often customize sizes and item requests.

For more information call today to discuss wedding ideas and the supplies we offer.


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